This is the Sun like you’ve never seen it before

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  • NASA’s Hi-C 2.1 telescope captured the Sun’s tiny plasma threads in never-before-seen detail.
  • The threads make up the coronal loops that twist out of the star, and the smallest of the threads measures around 200 km wide.
  • The researchers say we need a more powerful solar observatory if we are to learn more of the Sun’s secrets.
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Images captured by NASA’s High-Resolution Coronal Imager (Hi-C for short) reveal new secrets about our Sun and the surprisingly intricate processes constantly happening in its outermost layers. With levels of detail never before attainable by Sun-gazing hardware, the images point to delicate flows of energy in our star’s atmosphere.

As ScienceNews reports, the images are the subject of a new research paper published in The Astrophysical Journal, and they are shedding new light on coronal loops. Coronal loops are massive, curved pillars of plasma that are generated by the Sun’s powerful magnetic forces. Thanks to these sharper-than-ever images of the loops, we can see that they’re actually made up of many tiny “threads.”

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