The traditional network comedy is dead

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The list of 2015 Emmy nominations emphatically confirm something many have alluded to for a long time: the traditional network comedy is dying a slow death. With seven nominations given for Outstanding Comedy Series, only two series — ABC’s Modern Family and NBC’s Parks and Recreation — happen to air on one of the big three networks. In fact, the percentage of nominated comedies originating either from HBO, Amazon, Netflix, or traditional cable is higher than it’s ever been before.

With Parks and Recreation now over, Modern Family may soon be the only traditional network comedy left standing. Now admittedly, there are some great comedies currently on-air that weren’t nominated at all, with Fox’s New Girl and Brooklyn 99 being two prominent examples. Still, its hard to ignore that the smartest and most irreverent comedy these days tends to come from outlets like Comedy Central or from subscription services like HBO and Netflix.

So what happened?

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