The best and simplest explanation of why coronavirus is so dangerous

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  • When the novel coronavirus outbreak was first picking up pace in the US, countless misinformed people including the president of the United States likened it to the common flu.
  • Not only is the comparison wrong, it’s actually quite dangerous and echoes of that early inaccuracy can still be heard today by people who downplay the severity of COVID-19.
  • If there are still people in your life who compare the new coronavirus to the flu in an effort to downplay its severity, one simple video is all you need to share to explain exactly why COVID-19 is so much more dangerous.
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Here in the United States, things are starting to get really bad. We now have the highest number of confirmed novel coronavirus cases in the world, with more than twice as many cases as the next closest country, Italy. The US also has the third-highest number of deaths, though China’s figures remain in question after it was reported that the US intelligence community has evidence that China has been fudging its numbers.

It was an inevitability that the US would quickly eclipse other countries when it comes to total coronavirus case count, and we’re still not testing a huge portion of people in hot zones who are exhibiting symptoms that aren’t severe. Inevitable, yes, but the number of Americans who were infected could have been dramatically lower if the White House had done its job. The administration was well aware of what was coming our way, but it chose to downplay the severity of the novel coronavirus pandemic in those crucial early weeks. Even as the rate of COVID-19 infections began to pick up, Trump was still telling the country that the severity of the outbreak was being exaggerated by his political opponents, and he repeated a number of lies and inaccuracies during that critical time. One of the pieces of misinformation he repeated several times is particularly dangerous, and the negative effects of that deception continue to ripple even to this day.

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