Terrifying video shows how easy it is to get coronavirus while flying

%name Terrifying video shows how easy it is to get coronavirus while flying by Authcom, Nova Scotia\s Internet and Computing Solutions Provider in Kentville, Annapolis Valley
  • Airlines might be looking to reassure passengers that flying during the coronavirus pandemic will be safe, but there are no guarantees right now.
  • We know that a SARS patient infected 22 people on a plane during a three-hour flight from Hong Kong to Beijing during the 2003 pandemic.
  • Research that followed shows that coughing inside the cabin might expose other people to a pathogen even if social distancing measures are in place on flights.
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I showed you a scary study from China a few days ago that told us it will be a while until we can trust restaurants again. The economy will open slowly and you’re probably dying to eat out, but that study suggested social distancing measures in a restaurant might not be good enough to stop the potential spread of the coronavirus. It’s not the food that’s the problem, it’s the ventilation system in closed quarters that may promote transmission. Researchers found that a single person with COVID-19 was responsible for infecting two other families eating in the same restaurant, after being exposed to each other for about an hour. The air-conditioning unit may have spread the virus to other tables, that research said.

I’m now about to show you a clip of what happens when someone coughs inside the cabin of an airplane, and the conclusion might be even worse. It will be a while before we’re at ease flying. Unlike restaurants, planes have more advanced air filtering systems that might prevent infection. However, it seems clear that won’t be enough to reduce exposure to the virus.

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