Take a Look At How Various Industries View Security

Biscom shared some results of a new IT Survey finding that although regulated industries say security is a high concern, many are still using solutions that are inadequate for protecting their data.

The survey compared attitudes and behaviors related to enterprise security across 13 industries including healthcare, financial services, retail, computer hardware, software, and manufacturing. Security concerns have only gotten higher across those mentioned.

Tools and protocols vary greatly across industries, but all sectors see security as critical, and “need it to be core features of their file synchronization products” the survey finds.

“Our survey confirmed what we were already starting to see: that security will be the key focus in all areas of business for 2015,” said Biscom CEO Bill Ho. “The data breaches within the past year have shown us that all businesses are increasingly at risk and should be actively assessing tools and processes which can help reduce their exposure.”

70% of respondents in the survey said security was the top feature they looked for in file transfer. While 60% said they use SFT to transfer files at work, 86% said they use email. 51% said they still use FTP. 72% name security as “critical” for sync and share services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

According to Biscom, the healthcare industry is one of the most polarizing in terms of security as the industry is extremely concerned about security, but it’s the least likely to use the most secure methods for storing, syncing, and sharing data.

The financial services industry is the most secure, based on the survey’s findings.

You can learn more from the survey here.

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