Slow and Expensive, Here’s Why In-Flight Wi-Fi Sucks so Bad

%name Slow and Expensive, Here’s Why In Flight Wi Fi Sucks so Bad by Authcom, Nova Scotia\s Internet and Computing Solutions Provider in Kentville, Annapolis Valley

If one were to list out all of the things that make air travel so damn frustrating, it’d be hard to know where to even begin. From delayed flights and cramped seating to what is often an exceedingly long check-in process, air travel is rarely a seamless experience.

All that aside, the notion of accessing the Internet while mid-flight is certainly a surefire way to relieve some in-flight boredom and discomfort.

Or so you would think.

Unfortunately, in-flight Wi-Fi is not only pretty expensive, but it also has a tendency to be painfully slow if you’re trying to do anything more intensive than checking a few emails. The end result is that many fliers often find themselves paying a pretty penny for shoddy service, a losing proposition on both ends.

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