Life could exist on worlds we find hostile, scientists say

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  • Hydrogen-rich worlds may host life, according to a new research paper that shows microorganisms not accustomed to an atmosphere of hydrogen can survive and reproduce in it.
  • The study proved that E. coli and yeast both continue to live despite the dramatic shift to a 100% hydrogen atmosphere.
  • Going forward, the researchers say we should consider hydrogen-rich worlds as potential sources of alien life.
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When high-powered telescopes gaze deep into space in search of exoplanets, the worlds they discover are always interesting for one reason or another. The ones that are closest to Earth in size and composition are the most exciting, since we imagine rocky planets like our own offer the best chance at finding life.

Planets residing in the habitable zone around their star are even more exciting because they offer the slim possibility that liquid water exists on their surface. We imagine water as crucial to life, and oxygen is obviously a big plus, too. But what if we’re not giving Mother Nature nearly enough credit? What if worlds that are soaked in hydrogen and would be hostile to earthly life are actually suitable hosts for life in different forms?

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