Hubble spies distant galaxy bursting with baby stars

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  • Hubble snapped a gorgeous image of a distant galaxy called NGC 2906.
  • NGC 2906 has an abundance of massive young stars that shine brightly as they burn through their fuel.
  • The galaxy is a whopping 145 million light-years from Earth.
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NASA and the ESA’s Hubble Space Telescope is one of the most trusty tools in astronomy. It’s been surveying the skies for nearly three decades now, beaming back some truly glorious images of the cosmos. One of its latest targets is a large spiral galaxy known as NGC 2906 which sits roughly 145 million light-years from Earth, but even at that incredible distance, Hubble can see some of the galaxy’s glorious details.

In the photo above we are treated to a variety of colors, from the orange central region and bold white core to the brilliant blue dots and smears surrounding the outer edges. Each of these colors represents something, and astronomers can get a good idea of what a galaxy is made of simply by seeing the colors it is displaying from afar.

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