FEATURED: iOS 9 is amazing… and I just uninstalled it

%name FEATURED: iOS 9 is amazing… and I just uninstalled it by Authcom, Nova Scotia\s Internet and Computing Solutions Provider in Kentville, Annapolis Valley

Despite all the hype, Apple’s new iOS 9 software is surprisingly polarizing so far. Plenty of Apple fans seem to love all the new features Apple introduced during its WWDC 2015 keynote earlier this week — we previewed the 5 best new iOS 9 features that same day, if you’d like to check out the abridged version. Other users haven’t been so impressed though, and they claim that iOS 9 is a minor update that steals most of its features from other platforms, namely Android.

Personally, my thoughts align much more closely with the former camp than the latter. iOS 9 is a big update, and it brings with it a number of great new features. It also brings some refinement to a mobile platform that is already the most refined in the world.

As much as I like iOS 9, however, I just uninstalled it from my iPhone 6 after using it for less than a day.

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