A Samsung Galaxy Fold review in three words: Don’t buy it

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Look, I’m not going to spend much time on this because, to be frank, I’ve already spent far more time discussing this phone than it deserves. Yes, on Friday morning the Galaxy Fold became the first smartphone with a foldable display to be released in the United States. It’s great news insofar as it’s an important first step toward a market where foldable devices are widely available, but that’s unfortunately the only good thing about Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold.

I told you a year before it was released, I told you a week before it was supposed to be released back in April, and I told you again a couple of months later. Now, I’m going to tell you one last time: the Galaxy Fold is a piece of junk. It was always going to be a piece of junk. Samsung’s first-generation mobile products are inevitably pieces of junk for all the reasons I’ve explained time and time again. They’re the physical embodiment of a troll racing to type “First!” in the comments section under a YouTube video. Samsung cares far more about beating the competition to market with a new product than it does about actually making a good product. You should never, ever buy a first-generation mobile product from Samsung. That’s always true but it’s especially true today, now that the Galaxy Fold is finally being released in the US.

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