YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS: How to see which apps are hogging all the storage on your iPhone or iPad

While iOS 8 is probably the most substantial update Apple’s mobile software platform has ever received, adoption has been shockingly slow compared to earlier iOS updates. It makes sense that people might not be quite as quick to update to iOS 8 as they were with iOS 7, which introduced an exciting new look for iOS. But the gap has been fairly significant, and most people seem to agree that the explanation for the slower adoption rate is fairly simple: People just don’t have enough free space on their devices to download and install iOS 8 or iOS 8.1 over the air.

Connecting to iTunes to perform the update is one possibility, but many people have never connected their iPhones and iPads to a computer and don’t want to start now. If you fall into that category, here’s the best thing you can to free up space and update your smartphone or tablet.

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