Trans Dapt Carburetor Spacers

Trans Dapt Unlocks Reliability and Power From Your Carbureted Engine Plastic and Canvas Phenolic Spacers 300x216 Trans Dapt Carburetor Spacers by Authcom, Nova Scotia\s Internet and Computing Solutions Provider in Kentville, Annapolis Valley

When it comes to extracting every last bit of horsepower from an engine, heat is always the enemy. For years, heat soaked carburetors have made engines struggle to maintain power due to vapor lock, higher intake air temperatures and percolation. Now, with Trans Dapt’s plastic and canvas phenolic carburetor spacers with Swirl-Torque technology, enthusiasts have a way to simultaneously fight back against the effects of excess heat buildup, while significantly boosting torque and horsepower.

Trans Dapt’s insulated carburetor spacers are developed to provide excellent protection from heat soak and power loss caused by vapor lock and percolation. The phenolic materials used to make these carb spacers is a poor conductor of heat and acts as a thermal barrier, isolating the carburetor from the heat of the engine, keeping your fuel mixture cool and dense. Without a thermal barrier, heat builds up in the carburetor and will eventually cause the fuel inside to boil. If this happens while the motor is running, it creates a loss of feed pressure to the carburetor which can then lead to a loss in power or cause the engine to stall (vapor lock). However, when this happens after the engine has been turned off, the fuel can boil over out of the float chamber and leak into the intake manifold (percolation) making it hard, if not impossible, to restart the engine.

Unlike most standard carburetor spacers, Trans Dapt’s spacers with Swirl-Torque Technology are manufactured with a unique, slotted port design that creates a powerful vortex. This vortex atomizes the fuel for a better air/fuel mixture. The result is enhanced low to mid-range torque through improved combustion efficiency, better drivability and throttle response from your vehicle and quicker shift recovery rates.

Trans Dapt’s Swirl-Torque style phenolic carburetor spacers are manufactured in the USA using top of the line thermal resistant plastic or canvas material. Plastic phenolic spacers are available in 1Ž2 inch (Part# 2528), one inch (Part# 2529, 2531) and two inch (Part# 2530, 2532) thicknesses for Holley Square Bore Four Barrel carburetors with or without positive crank case ventilation (PCV). Canvas phenolic spacers are available in a one inch thickness for Holley Aluminum Four Barrel (AFB) carburetors, also with or without a PCV valve (Part # 2550, 2551). All mounting hardware, gaskets and installation instructions are also included with the kit. For more information, visit

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