More consumers are trading in old phones for a Galaxy S5 than an iPhone 5s

%name More consumers are trading in old phones for a Galaxy S5 than an iPhone 5s by Authcom, Nova Scotia\s Internet and Computing Solutions Provider in Kentville, Annapolis Valley

Following the release of the Galaxy S5, we explored the electronic device trade-in market as it related to Samsung’s new phone and the iPhone 5s. Although Gazelle concluded that iPhone owners were content with their purchases, U.K.-based trade-in site CompareMyMobile found that the largest group of converts were in fact Apple faithful. From the unveiling of the Galaxy S5 up to its release, nearly 40% of consumers planning to trade in their devices for the Samsung flagship were iPhone owners. Nearly a month after the Galaxy S5′s release, it’s still attracting more trade-ins than the iPhone 5s.

According to the latest data provided to BGR, 21% of people trading in their devices told CompareMyMobile in a recent survey that they are looking to upgrade to a Galaxy S5. On the other hand, only 13% are interested in an iPhone 5s and just 5% are looking to pick up an HTC One (M8).

“We were surprised to see GS5 upgrades were so high – 21.2 percent is a huge volume of people to be upgrading to the Samsung GS5 considering this data is taken from every person selling mobile phones through the checkout,” said CompareMyMobile co-founder Ashley Turner. “We can’t wait to compare this to Apple’s next release and see how loyal and excited their fans are.”

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