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In Depth Deck Discussion

I’ve found another use for a deck height bridge. When replacing seats on race cylinder heads, especially Big Block Chevys, I use a deck bridge with an indicator extension to first check where the valve was and should be. Then, when machining the seats, it’s an easy way to get all the valves to the same depth from the gasket surface. This can be very important for piston to valve clearance and equalizing chambers.

It worked for me.

Randy Torvinen

Torvinen’s Machine

Menahga, MN

A Business Without A Sign Is A Sign Of No Business

The U.S. Census reports 18% of households relocate every year, meaning new potential customers pass your building every day. A one-time investment in a well-designed sign will pay for itself very quickly. Signs are cheap to produce and if they are mounted on your property or hang on your vehicle there is no monthly advertising cost, and they work 24-7.

Three signs to consider: 1) STREET signs should be large enough to be seen from all directions and include just enough information to let drivers know the nature of the business. Include your company name, type of business and phone number.

2) BUILDING signs can include more information because the reader is generally stationary. These signs should include your company services and other contact information like your web address.

3) VEHICLE are rolling billboards and are a great form of advertising. At the very least your company vehicles should display removable magnetic signs listing your company name and phone number. More aggressive marketers will paint a permanent message, or wrap the entire vehicle in advertising.

Don’t miss out on maximizing your advertising potential by not utilizing this cheap form of marketing. Signs are a great advertising value.

Steve Rich

Sterling Bearing, Inc.

Kansas City, MO

Saving The Old Parts Will Save You Money

Many times a customer sends a head in with spark plugs in it, a temp sender or an exhaust gasket still attached. No matter what is on the head or block when it comes in, save it. From time to time, our customer will come back looking for his old plugs or gasket to re-use. We end up buying him new ones since we threw it out. No matter how bad the part is, let him or her make the decision to throw it out.

Jeffrey Myers

MAR Automotive, INC

Philadelphia, PA

Too Tight Tensioner Torque

We have found that failures on 4.0L Ford SOHC secondary timing tensioners may be due to over torquing the tensioner at the time of installation and failure to replace the volume reduction plug. We compared the revised instructions included with the OEM Ford tensioner (32 lb.-ft.) and the instructions given by other industry sources (49 lb.-ft.).

From now on, we will include the installation instructions from Ford with our parts.

DNJ Engine Components

Chatsworth, CA

Main Bearing Rapture For The Raptor

Here are some bits of info on the new Ford 5.8L modular engine. It seems Clevite, nor any other bearing manufacturer, have a listing for the main bearings for this engine. Here is a helping hand. Order part number MS2202H quantity of 2. From the second set of main bearings, use the lower halves of position 2, 3, or 4 to replace the halves bearings in the first set that do not have a receiver notch provision in the block. This is a quick fix for those who want to build this engine and/or want the aftermarket Clevite bearing for extreme boosted applications. I have contacted Clevite to investigate the findings to confirm, but it worked for my customer.

Roy A. Maloney

Engine & Performance Warehouse

Denver, CO

Spark Plug Plugs

Most popular engines have 14 MM and 18 MM spark plugs. The paper cup type from engine equipment suppliers, or tape, will pop out when the engine is turned over. I discovered an economical way to plug the spark plug holes. 1/4 pipe loosely threads into 14 MM spark plug holes. 3/8 pipe fits about the same way into 18MM spark plug holes.

Our hardware store has plastic NYL 3/8 pipe by 3/8 barb fittings with a 3/4 OD hex and 1/4 pipe with 3/8 barb and a hex, just like brass universal fuel fitting. Only the plastic ones are only 59-69 cents a piece. When snugged down with a thin 6-point socket, the plastic hex locks down against the head, and the plastic fitting will stay put.

To cap the 3/8 flare I use a 1.5 inch piece of 3/8 ID cheap clear vinyl hose. I cut a small piece of new red scotch bright, fold it and stick it flush, or slightly below, in the top 1/2 inch of the cut off hose. Push the open end of the hose over the first barb. Now the spark plug holes are protected, and you can turn the engine over freely and not have the caps pop off.

Another plus is, if storing for long periods, light oil can be applied onto the scotch bright to wick down into the cylinders. Or just remove the hose caps and put a few drops into the barb’s opening.

Animal Jim Feurer

Animal Jim Racing

Lacon, IL.

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