Is Samsung scared that the Galaxy S5 might be a failure?

%name Is Samsung scared that the Galaxy S5 might be a failure? by Authcom, Nova Scotia\s Internet and Computing Solutions Provider in Kentville, Annapolis Valley

Samsung’s 2014 flagship phone, the Galaxy S5, launched early last month. While the device didn’t quite live up to the lofty expectations of gadget bloggers who were expecting a beastly quad HD Android powerhouse thanks to months of inaccurate rumors, early signs suggest sales have been screaming so far. But Samsung executives might not be uncorking the champagne just yet — according to some industry watchers, there are signs that Samsung isn’t happy with how its new hero phone has been selling so far.

Writing at Forbes, Eric Mack noted there is some chatter on the Street that internally at Samsung, the company is not pleased with the early performance of its new Galaxy S5. The fact that Samsung’s lead designer was removed from his role so soon after the Galaxy S5 debuted certainly isn’t a good sign, and it’s one of a few indications that Galaxy S5 performance might not be where Samsung had hoped.

Also of note, Samsung announced the 10 million unit milestone for Galaxy S4 shipments 26 days after the phone was released last year. Friday marks the 28th day since Samsung’s Galaxy S5 launch and we have yet to hear any official word regarding S5 sell-in.

Of course, until Samsung shares official figures, we have no way of knowing exactly how well the Galaxy S5 is selling thus far.

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