How hackers hacked Sony

%name How hackers hacked Sony by Authcom, Nova Scotia\s Internet and Computing Solutions Provider in Kentville, Annapolis Valley

As data continues to pour out from the massive data heist suffered by Sony recently, much of the recent media coverage has included speculation regarding how the attackers might have gained access to Sony’s internal network and stolen all of that data. Confidential documents, emails and internal memos were all taken in the attack, and even studio materials like unreleased scripts and full-length movies were stolen.

It’s easy to imagine a room full of shady hackers surrounded by high-tech gear working tirelessly to penetrate Sony’s cyber defenses, having used a wide range of complex digital tools that are practically unrecognizable to most of us. But an investigation has revealed that the reality is far less dramatic.

In fact, it turns out the hackers used a shockingly simple method to gain access to Sony’s private network.

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