FINALLY! Here comes the Galaxy S5 update you’ve been waiting for

%name FINALLY! Here comes the Galaxy S5 update youve been waiting for by Authcom, Nova Scotia\s Internet and Computing Solutions Provider in Kentville, Annapolis Valley

We have spent a fair amount of time with Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone so far, and in all that time we have not had a single problem with the phone’s fingerprint scanner. Each and every time we swipe in an attempt to unlock the handset, our print is read perfectly. A quick Google search reveals that other users have not always had the same experience with Samsung’s print reader, however — many people have been left frustrated as the Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner repeatedly fails to read their prints.

For those people, Samsung just started rolling out a big software update that might be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Samsung fan blog SamMobile reports that Samsung has begun rolling out a software update for Galaxy S5 handsets. According to the site, the update is currently rolling out to UK model Galaxy S5 handsets, and it features two big improvements that users should be excited about.

First, the camera and gallery apps have been improved and are much faster to open. Also, and far more importantly, fingerprint reading accuracy has reportedly been improved.

While this big update has already begun rolling out abroad, Galaxy S5 owners in the United States shouldn’t get too excited just yet. As is always the case, updates for U.S. handsets must first go through extensive carrier testing before they are released, so it could be some time before Samsung’s new software hits your handset.

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